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  • For first time use, please take out the cotton swab and make it soak in water for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Add appropriate amount water, maximum water amount is 300ml.
  • Don't make the humidifier lost balance, or the water will spill over.
  • We recommend that clean the humidifier after each use to avoid fogging. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry. DO NOT wash the device directly under the water tap.
  • R134a manifold gauge set is used to test your automotive air conditioning systems.
  • Large and clear dual gauges adopt unique spring pressure indicator, more accurate for reading data.
  • Color-coded high pressure and low pressure can be adjusted to the zero point.
  • Eco-friendly material sealing washers for more positive seal and less wear.
  • With a heavy duty hook for hanging the gauges firmly.
  • Includes 5ft long enough 3-color charging hoses, convenient for use.
  • Designed as a mini cartoon animal, this makeup mirror is stylish and chic.
  • It is both a makeup mirror and a mini fan to suit your various needs.
  • With USB charging, computer, plug, mobile power and so on can be used.
  • This lady's cute makeup mirror is small, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Designed with LED lights, this fan makes your makeup more comfortable.
  • On important days or in your daily life, you can also give this pink animal mirror as a gift to your friends.
  • The fan propeller is soft and won't hurt your body easily.
  • This product has a unique structure and novel style.
  • Intelligent control, perfect function, simple operation, stable performances and safe to use.
  • Three speeds of fan.
  • Handheld and very convenient to hold.
  • Can be placed on the desktop by the base given.
  • Can be bring in handbag because of the size can be fit in.
  • Suitable for travelling and outdoor activities.
  • Hand Free Design: Neckband fan is adopted with hand free design, you can hang the fan around your neck and take it everywhere, not will feel tired or uncomfortable when you hang the fan for a long time.
  • 360° Rotate Fan: Hand free cooling fan is adopted with double heads design, and two fans can 360° flexible rotate, which allow you to adjust the best wind direction, simple and easy to create powerful wind for yourself.
  • Speed Adjustable: Hand free personal fan 3 different speed level can adjust, low, medium, high, just need to press the power button to adjust.
  • Widely Application: Ideal for personal cooling, camping, outdoor event, such as soccer and baseball, camping, climbing, fishing, golf, festival, makeup, etc.
  • Varied light modes, which can change color and glare, let you cool down.
  • Contain Aroma Tablets: Can drop the aroma essential to remove sweat smell.
  • The fan has 3 speeds. You can choose different speed according to your need.
  • It is with water cooling, humidifying and air purifier function, cooling down better than normal fan.
  • This unique portable air cooler is equipped with an absolutely silent fan that allows to use comfortably it even in the bedroom. The conditioner will not distract or interrupt sleep with noise.
  • It is very simple to begin work. No difficult settings are required. Just pour water into the tank, press the button and enjoy a pleasant cool. It can be connected to any socket or USB port.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to use and carry.
  • 7 Colors LED display night light.
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